Sunday, 23 February 2014

finish with Hong Kong curiosities

Here are some curiosities I enjoyed in Hong Kong

Celebrating Chinese year of the horse in an upmarket department store - Lane Crawford

 An historic display of cable cars from around the world.

Feature decorations on the Monastery exterior.

Individually wrapped tulips, ready for delivery in the Flower market.

Amazing the variety of what they sell in bunches.

Even the ubiquitous kiwi shoper gets a new lease of life.

These red fruit are called rose apples, apparently.

What a view from the ladies restroom on the top floor of the Peninsular Hotel.

...and on your 30 minute train ride to the airport, you can watch the electronic whizz bang communication system.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

hope you're not too sick of Hong Kong

Bear with me. I only have about 3 more blogs left in me about my Hong Kong holiday. Paul and I are going to Hobart soon, so that will make a pleasant change I'm sure.

In the meantime, it's time to show you some foodie shots.

Our lunch at a little Vietnamese place we know. (Nb. The dish in the bottom right hand corner is actually a photo)

Which one to pick for lunch?

These gorgeous treats were in the Langham hotel lounge area.

Here's what I could have eaten at Disneyland. Gotta love the plastic food.

Here's what I did eat. A mango mousse pudding with fairy floss confectionary on top.

... And my yummy sago pudding and fruit jelly at the vegetarian restaurant at the monastery.

The menu for breakfast at the Holiday Inn became a bit predictable.

Dessert of creme brulee icecream and pistachio brittle.

......beautifully served on this little table.

Lunch at Harvey Nichols is a bit special.

The rockmelon is actual size as we have them in Oz. The apple, grapefruit and pomelo, ginormous!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

talk to the animals

As I'm reviewing the Hong Kong week, I need to pay some attention to the creatures I saw in my travels.

Of course there were the fantasy fauna who I've mentioned before.
Good old Mickey and Daisy

The Lion King and co.

A monkey, escaped from the barrel
 Some animals that were allowed to roam free.
This silly moo at the Big Buddha
 ... and these whose hours are numbered; waiting for consumers on Lamma Island.

Fresh, fresh, fresh

What a surprise to find these in Kowloon park.

 It was because of these flamingoes that I went into Kowloon park. I read that they lived there and after getting lost via the Chinese Garden, I'd given up hope.

It was a hot day (28 degrees) and sunny and my feet were sore and I was getting hungry and then around the corner there they were. They had another 20 friends who were hiding in an unaccessible corner; obviously  off duty.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

visit Buddha in the clouds

I really enjoyed the day I spent on the highest point of Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

A very large Buddha's been built as both a spiritual shrine and a tourist attraction. Why not?

The choices for getting there are by Cable car or by road. As the queues for the cable car were utterly ridiculous I chose the Number 23 bus. Little did I know I was putting my life in the hands of a kamikaze bus driver. 50 minutes later, after going up steep mountains and down crazy windy roads we made it.

This is a blurred picture as we hurtled along

It is worth making it to the top? As you can see, it was a misty, coolish kind of day.

Offerings and prayers were made.

The decoration was gorgeous

The monastery and flowers exquisite

Inside and outside

Sago pudding and fruit jelly hit the spot

A final nod as I walked back past. Can you see all of the steps leading to the top and all of the devotees climbing? Do you think I followed?

Then there were the souvenir shops to traverse

.... and the commemorative photos to be taken

You could add your wishes to the manmade Bodhi tree
Then it was on to the cable car. It's all downhill from here. A lovely Chinese family sharing my journey took my photo.

Tung Chung, here we come. 
There is a great Outlet Shopping Centre here; but that's another story.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

counted Mickey ears

One of the Disney 'fun things to do' is find the Mickey ears hidden in the park and its surrounds. I don't think Hong Kong Disney has embraced this as much as the parks in the US, but there's a token effort.

- the windows of the Disney express

- his mouseship behind glass on the train.

- Waffles in Main St.

- pasta and nuggets for lunch?

- Of course at the iconic entrance

- drain covers

- Decorative corners

- and on the big guy himself.