Wednesday, 22 January 2014

remember the good times

I think it's very important to escape once in a while. Actually, I dream of escaping most of the time, but that's another story.

Noosa is such a wonderful Queensland icon; for all of the right reasons I'm happy to say. On seeing the river or the beach, I can take a deep breath and feel myself relaxing.

The restaurants are great in this part of the world.
We had dinner at Bistro C virtually on the beach. How could this get any better?

Wildlife abounds....

Living walls reflect the 'green' ethos.

And a touch of France to add that cosmopolitan flair.  

and to put things in perspective.....

Monday, 20 January 2014

I went to Noosa via Caboolture and Woodford.

As a birthday treat, Paul whisked me away to Noosa for last Saturday night.

As a extra treat we went via Caboolture Gallery.
He'd read about one of the exhibitions and being the artophile that he is thought it would make for interesting viewing, as it did.

Here's the description and some of my favourites.

Coffee in Woodford with a typical oz country town view of the loos in the middle of the road. 

Why Woodford you might ask, when we're on our way to the gourmet wonderland of the Sunshine Coast?
I have 3 words for you; traffic, Bruce Highway, summer. Ok 4 words; traffic, Bruce Highway and summer school hols.

It ended up being a lovely drive on a road we'd never travelled before.