Sunday, 31 March 2013

researched a Spanish rose

Paul and I have been instructed to read and research prior to our trip to Spain and Morroco. (5.5 weeks and counting)

I tried my best yesterday at Sanctuary Cove with a cheeky little Spanish Rose.

Paul stayed with a Margaret River sauvignon blanc.


wish every weekend was for 4 days

Don't you?

Lots of lovely time to party with family. This weekend it was for Scott's 18th birthday.

It was a serious business cutting the cake.

Then the mood lightened.

It was left to Scott to lick the plate.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

want to show you these fun kids

What a happy neighbourhood!

was ready for time out

You know how it is; work / life balance out of kilter, feeling as if life is boring and humdrum....
As I drove to bookclub this morning these were the thoughts going round and round in my head.

We'd arranged to meet at Cleveland lighthouse restaurant.
I caught a glimpse of Moreton Bay and felt myself relax.

It wasn't the Mediterranean, but I did a good job fantasising that we were on a terrace in Greece.

6.5 weeks and counting until our real holiday.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm enjoying a catch up Sunday

Isn't it great to have time to chill out and attend to one's pleasure list.
You, know, the things you only get to when there's time to spare.

I was able to play with a new photo collage app.

These lovely things are being shown at Gallery 159 in Brisbane, by the artist Dorothy Haig.
Paul and I enjoyed seeing them yesterday. We can also recommend Sharyn Hall's exhibition at the Robyn Bauer Gallery in Paddington. Exceptionally beautiful work. ( no photos allowed)

Lunch at 'Kettle and Tin' at Paddington was great. It didn't look like this, but here's a gratuitous photo of the 'small' cheese platter at Maleny Cheese factory.

Another task completed with the changeover of the wreath on the front door.

Autumn's here, but apparently we have one last day of 33 degrees today before we can unpack the cardigans.

Now it's time to move on to the next job on my list. Yippee!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

am still trying to get over the shock

So there we were; 9 creatives on a blissful retreat near Toowoomba.
Check out the serenity.

..... on my return home, I was introduced to our new garden tenant.

I may never hang out the washing again.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

wonder why we are so keen to travel to France

There's something about France and Paris in particular that makes most women sigh and get that faraway look in their eye.

Isn't it wonderful that there are petite touches of La belle Francais in Le Brisbane?

It might just hold us over until we can get there encore.