Sunday, 31 August 2014

Make up for lost time

The week's fly by. I thought time would drag when Paul and Myles were away. Ha ha. 
Here's some snapshots of what happened between work, sleep and other boring stuff.

I finished this quilt. It's called 'Navajo Water Table'. Paul nominated me to make a quilt using this pattern when we were in a quilt shop in Colarado in 2012. That gave me permission to purchase the native american print fabrics from same quilt shop. Yes it's taken this long to finish it. Thanks for noticing.... But it was just in time to respond to my quilt group's challenge of 'Water'.

A long weekend away with my 'broadstrokes' quilting cronies to Caloundra assisted in waiting for the critical contact from the Kilamanjaro mountain climbers saying that they'd successfully made it up and down.

This view from our lounge area made things bearable.

And inside the house, we quickly set up the sweat shop. Even losing power for 4 hours didn't slow down productivity much.

It was a trifle cool to stitch out back, but we'll definitely use this area on our next stay.

What goes on on quilting retreat stays on quilting retreat!

...and then they returned, tired but happy. The stories of the dangers and treachery are getting better by the day, but I guess they've earned the right.

Things are pretty much back to normal with household running repairs. Some restyling the Man Cave to a Guest bedroom is required now as we await the arrival of very special housemates.

... And the social whirl continues with a quilting meeting at a frind's place in the country. I'm still wondering why we seem to do more eating than stitching on these days?

Glenys, Merody and Aina on their best dining behaviour.

Bronnie, Bev and Chris got straight on with enjoying the spread. Thanks Bev! 

These guys kept us in line.

Big weekends coming up with Father's day, Birthdays, and WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.
Cheers until then.