Saturday, 31 May 2014

really enjoyed another day in the country

Open studios are such a good idea, particularly when they involve a short drive into the countryside.

As we aproached Kalbar, we were taken by the effort the squattocracy had made in creating these letter boxes. We've often said that it'd be fun to record them as we travel. Dammit, now that we've started this series, we'll have to go back to our favourite places to find the others.

After a lovely picnic with friends with whom we travelled this time last year...

... we made it to the artist Patena Moesker's studio. 
Now, we love visiting Open Gardens, but the stickbeak potential at an Open studio is something else.

Can't wait for 2015 to follow the Cultural trails of the Scenic Rim this time next year.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

miss Melbourne

Melbourne in Autumn is glorious.
Well, it was last weekend when Paul and I visited. I had a work forum to attend on Saturday and Sunday allowing Paul playtime in the city.

Couldn't believe it when he said he'd gone shopping.

Mind you it was Melbourne Central which has an historic shot tower and an architecturally surprising dome.

He fitted in a trip to the Australian Centre for Comtemporary Art. 

... And then found some fembots. (He enquired about the price for one, but they were insanely expensive)

At the National Gallery of Victoria special effects were in order.

For lunch a small bowl of paella.

Melbourne is famous for it's laneways. 

Let's talk about the sublime to the ridiculous. These are being sold in Costco. Really?!?

Paul would like to thank Peter Rundle for his technical support. We've got a little flouncy present for you.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

scavenge with friends

We never really know where the whims of Broadstrokes members will take us.
M had been encouraging/suggesting/pushing us to do a creative scavenger hunt since November 2013.

Once the weather turned cooler, we complied.
Intructions were issued at a breakfast meeting.

We were able to draw, photograph or collect items listed.
Paired partners were assigned and off we went.

Some of us began our collection at the table before we left. Planning is paramount, when our competitive natures emerge.

This photo ticked off the square shape listing.

5 funky fashions.... No problem with friendly natives happy to oblige.

We needed to collect somthing from the Qld Art Gallery or GOMA. Whilst there we were able to tick off a few other items.


Shadows at 1130

And a very nice morning tea in the cafe. Okay, it wasn't listed, but we were thirsty and peckish by then.

On the walk back to our reconnaisance point, we had 2 tricky items to find.

Ghoulish. What do you think?

This close up from the same piece of street sculpture may work better?

..... And finally graffiti. My partner J decided to risk all and create her own.

The finished piece left for posterity, or until the next rain shower.
Note the seedy authenticity of the discarded cigarette butts. (Not ours)

Lunch was a cheerful sharing affair. One clever pair completed their mission in just one block. They did more drawing than us.

To our disappointment, there were no prizes. I guess our heightened observational powers and cameraderie were enough to make us all winners. (Aw shucks)

Next time J and I are going to set the rules!!