Sunday, 29 July 2012

am celebrating Xmas

It's been another busy week at work and play.

I don't want to dwell on work as this blog is definitely about my alter ego and its fun and games.

I seem to have had a weekend filled with creative ventures.
Firstly a trip to Pine Rivers Art Gallery to change exhibitions.

As curator of State of the Art juried exhibition this is one of my ongoing responsibilities.

2QAQ (Qld Quilters Art Quilters) meeting yesterday gave us practise at drawing with the other sides of our brain and mind mapping to provide creative inspiration.
Possibly best if I don't show you an example of the workings of my mind.

Then today it was Xmas in July for my wonderful friends at PPP (Purple Paddo Patchers).

The spread was wonderful and we even had surprise presents. I'll just show you dessert so you don't get too envious.

For another textile group we've been exposing bundles of fabric and paper to the elements in our gardens... hung and buried.

It was time to dig them up and take them to the next level.

I particularly liked the worms on this one.

Speaking of the garden, here's our lime tree. What a mighty little fruit bearer it is.

It's nearly August. That means the start of birthday season in our family.
Talk to you next week.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

will announce the winner of the 'coaster competition'

What an exciting afternoon we've had.
The debrief of the Roatan Wedding of the Year took 4 hours.
Unfortunately Nick and Mey couldn't stay awake long enough to skype in.

After reviewing video footage of diving, snorkelling, playing with dolphins and the wedding, we moved onto the photo slideshow. Hundreds of photos. Were we really there just 2 weeks ago?

Then it was time for the reveal.

The correct answer is: 22 coaster shots.

The winner: Mey!!!!

The crowd weren't happy. They badly wanted what was in the prize bag.
Mey, your trophy will arrive via US mail in due course. Well done and congratulations!

....... and that officially concludes our holiday.

We're not despairing though, planning's commenced for 2015.

Monday, 16 July 2012

have an important announcement to make

Those of you who've been avidly following my blog will be aware of the competition I launched a month ago.

The big question is "How many times did 'the coaster' appear on the blog?"

If you'd like to enter the competition please review the blog, or tally your answers and submit your entry via Comments here, email to me, text to me, a phone call to me, or visit and talk to me in person.

I'll be announcing the correct answer on the blog on Sunday afternoon. The winner will be selected at the Marshall debrief lunch to be held the same day.
We're expecting to serve fried plantains with fries, jack cheese with fries, hamburgers with cheese and cocktails.
Wouldn't it be lovely if Perry could make it.

So, midday Sunday, Brisbane time is your deadline.
The prize is outstanding and is authentic Honduran.

PS. I will be continuing the blog, but probably only a weekly entry, so stay tuned.

soaked up the warm tropical sun for one last time.

It was dark and chilly as we landed into Nadi at 5:30 - the locals had beanies and jumpers on. 15 degrees is not all that cold but when you are used to the high 20s I guess you feel it.

Spent the morning in the buffet breakfast until the room was available sans early check-in surcharge.

Lounged around for the rest of the day, Suzanne discovered that pool chairs can be sat on.

These were the afternoon cocktails we enjoyed from Dave and Jen's balcony, where we watched an island wedding. What a good idea!

Our last sunset.

Colton provided entertainment too, as usual as we sent out the last call for drinks.

This is a totally fake smile as I started to psych myself up for the flight home in the airport the next morning.

And then as quickly as it started, it was done. Work tomorrow. Can't wait.......(that was Paul speaking, I definitely can wait.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

filled in the last few hours

Hours to go and we're on the trail across the International Dateline.

What splendours will LAX provide for us today.

La brea tar pits have been on our list for some time.

Always interesting arty things in windows. This made entirely out of scouring pads.

Interesting gardens.

Walt Disney concert Hall

Lunch at the Getty Museum's restaurant.

The smog line is a big worry.

From here we drove to Santa Monica for some last minute LAX socialogical study.

.... And then we experienced the legenday LAX traffic trauma as we covered 2 miles in 45 minutes to get to the airport.

We're good at this by now though. This is the 8th flight out of 9 for this trip.
Mental note not to have so many airports involved in our next trip.

Good night from us. It's time to board.

am in mourning; the passing of our American adventure

Paul and I have become fairly skilled at the organisation required for this blog, but occasionally a photo slips through the download net.

Here I am on our last night in San Antonio enjoying the lights and Mexican food.
Mango Mojitos are the 2nd best cocktails I've ever had.

Unfortunately we didn't really get to see much of Austin as we were detained for too long at the outlets.
20 minutes after we checked in to our hotel, there was a major thunderstorm which the locals were delerious about. Rain in Texas is desperately welcome.

I do so love a personal welcome.

Myles missed Manhattan beach when he passed through, so we had to revisit its beach and garden glory.

Note the topiaried Melalueca. Lots of Kangaroo Paws as well.

Dinner was at the legendary Mama D's. This place was packed at 6pm. After eating our meals, we could see why. I wish I could download smells to this blog....

This is a gratuitous photo, so you can lose yourself in the mangroves as you contemplate the best of all garlic, fresh bread and rich marinara sauce aromas.

A full discussion yesterday morning yielded Paul's personality change is almost complete. No, he didn't want to go to Disneyland, Knottsbury farm, Legoland etc. He wanted to go shopping at South Coast Plaza. (Ed. note: You have to keep the little woman happy)

I wonder what will happen when we cross the Equator tonight?

The Rainforest cafe provided It's usual entertainment.

.... And as always my eyes were drawn to visual splendours along the way.

Myes Is currently flying home and we've a hectic list of tourist activities to see to today before we fly out at 2330.

Better get on to it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

have a shopping hangover

It's a real illness you know.

We arrived at 1100 and left at 1700.
Full on, serious power shopping.

This is a view of a Tenth of the territory we covered yesterday.

There's an other whole outlet centre across the road.

We were tired and thirsty.

My favourites in no particular order:

Neiman marcus
Saks 5th avenue
Tommy hilfigger
Polo Ralph Lauren
dooney and Bourke
Elizabeth arden
Nine west
Kate spade
Kenneth cole
Michael kors
Crate and barrel
Pottery barn
Williams sonoma
Banana republic
J crew
Vera bradley

We'll rest the wallet today and fly to Los Angeles.

Monday, 9 July 2012

am in love with San Antonio

Well, if Paul's retiring to Vail, I'm insisting that we also dedicate Spring to a life in San Antonio.
Loving it sick!!

You may remember the Alamo

My research for the 2QAQ bark challenge.

The San Antonio Riverwalk

Babies everywhere.

This little guy was defending Texas to the end.

Myles and I did a reconnaisance mission to one of the 2 outlet shopping centers. I am very happy to report that it's worth returning tomorrow.
Show and tell then everyone.

am thinking that if it's Saturday, Texas is waiting for us.

It was so sad to farewell Nick and Mey and the island of Roatan.

I don't think Nick looks suitably heartbroken, but then they were flying to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

Here we go.

The island in 26 miles long and 4 miles wide at it's widest point.

.... and all to soon we were back in Houston.

On the road again...... a 4 hour drive to San Antonio.

"and loving it".

Saturday, 7 July 2012

explored the island of Roatan

No hangovers! Certainly not a typical Australian wedding.
.... And I've come to the conclusion that although the cocktails here are tasty and cheap, they're not actually that potent. There are the exceptions of course. The Godmother was pretty fierce.

We made it out of the compound yesterday. There's an illusion of safety on the resort, but armed guards patrol 24 hours.

We started at the zipli
Will they make it back?

Adventure man Myles thoroughly enjoyed the 9 ziplines they actually went on.

Lunch at West End.

Souvenir hunting (note the dotty decoration).

Then on to the iguana farm.

Time for a quick libation.

before going to the Afro-Caribbean voodoo community.
where we were asked if we wanted to buy children. Happily we negotiated for them to just sing and dance for us. I did notice Mey giving the little girl a few longing looks though.

After we returned to our room post wedding, we found this beautiful bouquet in our room.
I wish we could stuff it in our suitcase.

We're off to the airport in 30 minutes. I'm very happy that Paul and I have one more week to play.