Thursday, 28 November 2013

Attempt a catch up.

Here I am finally with 10 minutes available to catch up and post another blog entry.

Today's catch up is about a great exhibition still on at the Qld Art gallery; or QAG as it's being referred to currently.

'California Dreaming'.
What's really interesting to me about this exhibition is how familiar the objects and lifestyle are.
I guess growing up in the 60's in Brisbane was akin to California.

What do you think?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

went over the hill, vicariously.

Paul and Myles are planning on climbing Kilimanjaro next year and have commenced training.  This weekend it was a short trek up Mt Warning, near Murwillumbah - 5 hours, 9kms and an altitude gain of several hundred meters.

There was the day before reconnoitre. Track sign, trees, Suzanne on ipad in waiting in the carpark (teenagers!).


Then it was off to find dinner in Murwillumbah.

An early start is required to see the sunrise - 2 hours of uphill climbing/walking before the 5.48am sunrise so it was off to bed early.

The first part of the climb is in darkness (because the sun hasn't risen yet, for anyone wondering why.) Onward and upward. And upward, And upward......

As you climb, after about an hour and a half, the light starts to increase and you can see some of the scenery unfolding.


And eventually the youngsters reach the summit.  Some time later the more worldly wise also summit. And as you can see the view is worth the effort.

A large group of people also made the early morning effort, about 30 or so this morning. Dec 22nd is shaping as a big morning for the climb, for any druids among you.

On the way down you get a better view of what the way up was like. The last 400 meters is quite steep.

This is not flat, it is almost vertical. You can use the chain to help pull yourself up, but it is not essential.

And then, after a short 4.5 hours and 9km, it is all but a faint memory and the occasional sore muscle.

Especially the calves at this stage.

Where next......

Monday, 4 November 2013

issue a wild life alert

An invitation to Manda and Ben's house needs to come with a wildlife alert.

They're actively encouraging the natives to come and visit. There is an uncertain danger.

One never knows when a kookaburra is going to swoop, or when a wallaby is going to land in your lap.

Sure, they pretend they're friendly.....

There's always the other natives to be in awe of as well.