Wednesday, 17 July 2013

changed the wreath on the front door

I'm running a bit late with the change of seasons door wreath changeover, but here it is.

Doors were a focus of our party as we travelled through Spain and Morocco.
We loved this decoration.

We did see many storks nests throughout Morocco. To have one nest on your roof is considered very auspicious.

We have swallows attempting to nest under our eaves; I wonder if that means the same thing.

Monday, 8 July 2013

am proud of quilting friends

When we were in London (six weeks ago), we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Every craftsperson has a visit here on their bucket list.... And with jolly good reason.

Here's Paul who clearly can't wait to get inside.

Apart from the collections of costumes and embroidery....

....... they serve a damn fine morning tea

Well; The Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane is currently hosting a collection of historical quilts from the Victoria and Albert.

No photos of that collection are allowed, but I can show you a quilt made by friends of mine, which is now hanging in the Gallery accompanying the visiting quilts.

So proud!
.... and yes I had been shopping in the bookshop.

Monday, 1 July 2013

consult the recipe books

I'm not a big fan of cooking; as opposed to eating.

I'm sure I'd be much more enthused if I could source my spices from exotic stores.

This one in Granada.

... These from a supermarket in Marrakesh

Lobsters from Maine

Tapas from Madrid.

Oh well, it'll have to be chops and veges tonight.