Monday, 31 October 2016

Reveal the views from our hotel windows in NZ

One of the first things one usually does when entering a fresh hotel room is to open the curtains to check out the view.
Here's how that worked out for us in New Zealand on our recent trip.

Firstly Christchurch. (They do have a good excuse though.)

Dunedin was next on our itinerary. (The red building with the smoke stack is the brewery)

In Queenstown, we checked in to the Scenic Suites. Not so much....
You can see the lake!

From the balcony you could see the top of the cable car

Oamaru. The view should have been this, but wasn't. (It was so boring I didn't even take a photo)

... and back to Christchurch; at a different hotel.

Maybe we'll do better next time we travel?

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